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Happy Yu-Gi-Oh Friends: Friends With Shadows
Chapter 6: Out Of The Woods

Summary: Marik and Ryou have just been lost in a Shadow Game, and have been plunged into the world of Happy Tree Friends. They meet a green bear who has a darker personality that comes out when things remind him of his war experience. Marik can relate because he also has a dark personality created by trauma and anger, while Ryou feels more sympathy and pity for Flippy and can relate to dealing with a darker side. Will Flippy have his first stable friend? Will the hikaris end up fighting over Flippy? Or will the hikaris be reminded that this is their punishment for being lost in a Shadow Game, and get killed off by Fliqpy first? Angstshipping and Flippy X Flaky. A Yu-Gi-Oh and Happy Tree Friends crossover.

Characters: Ryou Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Flippy, and Flaky

Genre: A bunch, but mostly Horror and Angst

Chapter Rating: K+




~Tree Friends POV~

I hoped I would be able to get back alright. I had run here with my eyes closed, after all. But somehow, I knew I would be able to find my way. Directional instinct, I guess?

At least one good thing came out of my war experience.

We walked for a long time. I didn't know how long it was. But eventually, the sky grew bluer and the trees thinned out. We were getting close to the town.

By now, everyone's bodies and blood were gone, I knew. The massacre had taken place about five hours ago. In one more hour, everyone would regenerate with no knowledge of how they had died. They would remember the events leading up to it, but wouldn't remember their own deaths. The only people who ever had memory of anyone's deaths were those who survived.

I turned around as we walked out of the forest, and looked at Ryou and Marik. They were looking around in wonder and confusion. Understandable. They were newcomers. But they would get used to the town pretty quickly.

What they might not get used to as quickly were the daily deaths and the six-hour recovery time.

And what they might never get used to was....



The first location we reached waste park. I panicked for a moment, but then I remembered that everything was clean. I sighed in relief.

"Where is everyone?" I heard Marik ask.

I turned around again. He and Ryou were holding hands. Marik held his rod in his other hand.

How should I answer that?

"They' Home, most likely," I replied nervously.

I noticed a hint of suspicion on Marik's face. But it was gone quickly. "All of them?" he asked.

"Marik," Ryou said softly, "we'll probably meet them eventually. Let's just get used to where we are."

Marik nodded.

"I guess I'll take you to my house first," I said.Everyone should be up by then."

"Up?" Ryou repeated. "Are they sleeping?"

"Not exactly...." I turned back around and hoped that they wouldn't ask any more questions.

I heard them say nothing else. I led them through the empty park and to the street.

But I stopped at a certain rock. The one i had written the message on. Next to it was a certain shopping cart that I knew very well. I knew who's it was.

"Oh boy," I mumbled with a sigh.

"What is it?" Ryou asked.

I facepalmed. "That's Flaky's shopping cart," I replied.

She was probably trying to bring the bodies home again. And she had probably seen my message.

"Who's Flaky?" Marik asked. "And why does she have a shopping cart?"

I wasn't going to tell them about they shopping cart. But I guess it would be okay to tell them about Flaky.

Who was....

Walking towards the park.

~Tree Friends POV~

I don't know why I was walking towards the park. Oh wait... Yes I do. I was going to get my shopping cart. I had left it behind.

As I walked, I saw someone in the park. As I walked closer, I saw green.

"It's Flippy," I murmured in surprise. He was back! I started running towards him.

He was looking at me with a surprised look on his face. But I could see that he was himself and not that other Flippy.

I also noticed that he had found my shopping cart.

I picked up speed and kept running towards him. I closed my eyes and held my arms out. I started crying.

"Flippy! You're back!" I exclaimed as I crashed into him.

I felt his stumble back a few steps. I hugged him tightly and began shaking.

I started rambling on. "It happened again didn't it oh my gosh they were everywhere and yes I did the shopping cart thing away and stuff but then they disappeared and it was just" I couldn't finish. I just burst into tears.

Flippy rubbed my back soothingly and shushed me. "Flaky, it's alright. Calm down. It's over. Everything will be okay."

I nodded and let go of him. I opened one eye and rubbed the other with my fist. I sniffed and tried to calm down.

"Good. There's less than an hour left," Flippy told him.

"Flippy, who is this?" I heard someone ask.

I stopped running my eye and looked behind Flippy. For the first time, I noticed two people standing behind him. They looked really strange. They didn't even look like Tree Friends!

I screamed and hid myself behind Flippy. "Flippy! Who are they?!"

Flippy patted my shoulder. "It's alright, Flaky. They're friends."

I cautiously stuck my head out from behind Flippy. "Wh..."

"Oh, so you're Flaky?" One of them asked. One of them had pale skin and long white hair, the other had brown skin and had shoulder-length blond hair. They were about as tall as Lumpy. They were holding hands.

The white-haired one had some kind of golden pendant hanging from his neck. He was the one who had just spoken.

I nodded slowly.

Flippy stepped forward and moved to in front of them.

"Flaky," Flippy said to me, "This is Ryou and Marik." Ryou was the white-haired one, Marik was the blond one.

I waved shyly. "H-h-hi," I said nervously.

"Porcupine?" Marik asked. He has some kind of golden rod in his other hand.

I nodded. "Y-yes."

Flippy turned around and looked up at them. "Flaky is a little shy. And...cautious. And..." He looked at me and grinned. "She always worries too much."

"I do not," I said unconvincingly.

"It's okay," Ryou said. "I used to be the same. I'm Ryou, as Flippy said, and this is my friend Marik. We... We're from another world. I think."

"They came from some weird door in the forest," Flippy told me.

"What are they?" I asked.

"Something called 'humans'," Flippy replied.

I nodded. I still didn't feel comfortable around them, but I wasn't so scared now. "Oh..."

Flippy gave me a serious look. "Flaky, please don't mention...that to them just yet. They're new here."

I knew what he was talking about. The dying thing. And the Six-Hour Regeneration. They might not know about it. I nodded.

Flippy nodded back.

"I was just about to show them where I live," Flippy said, his face not so serious. "And we should hurry. happens?"

I nodded again. Flippy said there was less than an hour left. The Regeneration still freaked me out. And I was used to it! Who knew how Ryou and Marik would react?

"Y-y-yeah," I said. "You three can go. I'll just take my shopping cart home." I walked around Flippy and over to my shopping cart.

"Okay. See you later," Flippy said with a wave.

I waved back and started driving my shopping cart away.
Happy Yu-Gi-Oh Friends: Friends With Shadows
Chapter 6: Out Of The Woods

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Link to the next chapter:…

More Flaky POV here! Next chapter, you see more Hikari POV!
So anyway, here's a bit of information for you, just in case you don't understand the Six Hour Regeneration thing. It's a continuity thing. Some people are like "how are there episodes if everyone died in the last episode?!". Well in this fanfic, that issue is explained by the Six Hour Regeneration. Basically, after that bad stuff happens and the incident is over, everyone regenerates after 6 hours. Now, this is six hours after the INCIDENT is over, not six hours after someone dies. That would mean everyone who died regenerates at different times, and in my fanfic that's how it works. More details about this will be revealed in the next chapter or two.
If I create another HTF fanfic (not necessarily a crossover), I will most likely use this same phenomenon and have everyone regenerate after six hours.

I've stopped updating the previous chapter and "Notifying Watchers" when I'm just adding the link to the next chapter. From now on, I won't notify you of a chapter update unless something OTHER than the link to next chapter was changed.

A few notes about things:
~The entire fanfic is rated M, but individual chapters are rated by the content of THAT chapter.
~The POVs change often, as you can clearly see. It'll mostly be in 1st person POV, a lot of 3rd person limited POVs, and occasionally 3rd person omniscient.
~I refer to the options on the fanfiction site when I refer to "Rating" and "Genre".
~I'll update weekly if possible and if I have time, but this is not a guarantee.
~If I have time to transfer all of the chapters, this will transfer to my fanfiction account. But I'm starting to think that I don't really want to. I think I'll decide to keep this story on deviantART only. But I haven't decided 100% yet.
~This story will have a LOT of chapters. I have no idea how or when or where it will end, or even if the hikaris will make it back or not! >;)
~There is angstshipping and Flippy X Flaky. However, the pairings are not the focus of the story, so they won't really be highlighted much.
~I don't know if I'll have Yami Marik and/or Yami Bakura in this, but I'll eventually decide.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!, Happy Tree Friends, or any of the characters/trademarks in those.


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